Video Production

Corporate Videography

We combine live-action, voiceover, background music, motion graphics and animation to deliver amazing business messages.

Corporate Photography

You work hard to maintain your company’s image. Now you can entrust Crowmind to carefully reflect that image through each photo.

Social media Videopgraphy

We don't only do a unique video content, but we also create and produce a full large campaign video shoots to tell your brand story.

Our Process

This is how we face a videography project, from the script to the audience.

Concept Development

Script writting, logistics of crew, equipment and locations are arranged.

Full-Service Production

At this point, all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, making filming for the finished product takes place.


The footage is polished and sorted, animations are added, voice-overs recorded, audio and music are edited, special effects and color grading finish the process.

Delivery & Management

The final video is reviewed by client and then uploaded online. The video now is delivered to the targeted audience.

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